AfterGlow® & AfterGlo® Brand Products

AfterGlow® & AfterGlo® Brand Products

Defense Holdings, Inc.® (DHi) is offering its AfterGlow® Brand photoluminescent (PL) safety products and AfterGlo® Brand photoluminescent paint for a variety of military and commercial applications including buildings, ships, aircraft, recreational vehicles (RVs), and tactical vehicles. DHi has pioneered the photoluminescent safety product market and is currently the largest installer of photoluminescent safety products in the United States.
Photoluminescent Exit Sign


Building Applications

In the years since 9/11, DHi has designed and is implementing, in the Pentagon, the largest array of photoluminescent safety signage in the world. This installation encompasses more than 6.6 million sq ft. In addition to designing photoluminescent safety solutions for buildings, DHi is presently providing and installing our Photoluminescent Safety Solutions® in many other government and commercial buildings in the National Capital Region and New York City areas including The Louis Dreyfus Property Group’s newest buildings in the Washington, DC area: Station Place 1 & 2 located at 700 Second Street, N.W.

Photoluminescent Products for Ships and Boats


DHi AfterGlow® Brand photoluminescent safety products are installed on a number of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships and are being used extensively in the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77). DHi is only one of two manufacturers of photoluminescent safety products approved by the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command for shipboard use.



A new addition to DHi’s AfterGlow® product line, SleeveLight™ is a high-performance, rechargeable, long-lasting, cylindrical photoluminescent sleeve with a cruciform cavity running its length. SleeveLight™ slides over chains, wires, ropes, rods, and straps to provide a versatile, cost-effective, glow-in-the-dark marking capability that can help prevent personnel injuries and equipment damage in low-light situations where safety is a concern. Flight decks on aviation-capable ships and cargo decks on naval and merchant vessels often present a dimly-lit maze of tie-downs of various types, and the possibility of personnel injury from an unplanned encounter is very real. The probability of injury is only heightened during an emergency when people are moving fast and distractions abound. SleeveLight™ is presently being evaluated by the U.S. Navy.

Propeller Blade with Photoluminescent Paint

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

DHi’s AfterGlo® Brand photoluminescent (PL) safety paint is used on E-2 and C-2 aircraft to make their propellers more visible in low-light situations such as on aircraft carrier flight decks at night, helping avoid tragic accidents whereby sailors are maimed or killed after coming into contact with a spinning propeller. The same paint is being used by domestic propeller manufacturers and several military services outside the U.S. Other aviation-related PL applications include illuminated checklists, cockpit and access markings, wheel chocks and tie-down marking devices.

Photoluminescent Products for Rotary-Wing Aviation

Rotary-Wing Aircraft

Originally developed for the propellers of U.S. Navy propeller-driven aircraft deployed on aircraft carriers, Defense Holdings’ AfterGlo® Brand photoluminescent (PL) safety paint provides a unique solution for enhancing the low-light visibility of helicopter main and tail rotors.

Photoluminescent Products for Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicle (RV) owners have found DHi’s AfterGlow® Brand photoluminescent (PL) safety products to be an ideal solution for marking steps, slide-outs, side-view mirrors, controls, light switches, access panels and any other items that owners might need to find in low-light situations.


Tactical Vehicles

DHi is supplying its AfterGlow® Brand Photoluminescent (PL) Emergency Egress Lighting™ Kits to the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps to improve Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle safety and our Warfighters’ emergency egress capabilities. MRAP vehicles are armored fighting vehicles designed to survive IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attacks, mines and ambushes. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) determined that MRAP exits and escape hatches needed to be positively marked or illuminated to aid emergency egress. After evaluations and review, DHi’s Emergency Egress LightingTM Kits were selected for rapid field installation inside the troop compartment and driver/passenger sections of all MRAP vehicles in order to provide the Warfighter with simple, highly-reliable emergency markings. DHi is presently working with DoD and manufacturers to define kits for other types of platforms.


Tactical Applications

DHi is developing photoluminescent (PL) illuminators to replace radioactive tritium illuminators in rifle sights (Rifle Combat Optics — RCOs) and other tactical applications. Illuminated weapons sights provide an enhanced capability to acquire and engage targets, particularly in low-light levels. Currently, tritium is used exclusively as a persistent, non-electric source of illumination in military sights because of its simplicity and low weight. However, tritium presents numerous safety concerns and logistic problems due to its radioactivity. Storage, transportation, and disposal of tritium sources are expensive and burdensome, resulting in measurable legacy costs. This technology is also being applied to hand compasses, other types of weapons sights and other tactical applications where tritium illuminators are presently being used.


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