Department of Energy Awards Emergency Signage Contract to DHI

Department of Energy Awards Emergency Signage Contract to DHI

Arlington, VA (September 26, 2005) — The Department of Energy (DOE) announced the award of a competitive contract of $440,000 to Defense Holdings, Incorporated (DHI) For the supply and installation of photoluminescent low level egress path marking (LLEPM)  systems in one of the agency's major office complexes in the DC area. DHI, a Manassas, Virginia company with technical offices in Arlington, is a world leader in the design and implementation of Photoluminescent Safety Solutions (PSS). The company has installed PSS in Federal locations such as the Pentagon, the Washington Navy Yard, and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The company also supplies these materials to the US Department of the Navy.

DHI PSS employs very high performance photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) material that can save lives in emergency situations. The state-of-the-art materials offered by the DHI team in its winning bid will provide DOE personnel with fail-safe emergency signage enabling them to locate building exits even under extremely adverse conditions such as the total loss of electrical power or severely reduced visibility due to heavy smoke.

DHI, together with its commercial division AfterGlow Technologies, works with customers to develop comprehensive photoluminescent safety solutions for buildings in the Federal and commercial sectors. Solutions are based on code requirements, customer needs, a building's aesthetic or historic requirements, and budgetary considerations.

DHI is a recipient of the prestigious Tibbetts Award from the Small Business Administration, honoring technological innovation, economic impact, and business achievements. The company has also been honored to receive DoD's Nunn-Perry Award for outstanding performance in the Mentor-Protégé Program. DHI supports the military and the Federal government in the areas of information technology, engineering, and a broad range of other support activities.

In addition to its Manassas and Arlington locations, DHI currently has technical offices in Annapolis, Maryland; Dover, New Hampshire; Honolulu, Hawaii; San Diego, California; Morehead City, North Carolina; and Bremerton, Washington.