DHi's New Partnership with National Instruments ®

DHi's New Partnership with National Instruments ®

DHi is now a National Instruments (NI) Alliance Partner.

Our relationship with this internationally respected virtual instrumentation leader broadens our ability to support commercial and government customers in programming, data acquisition, and other specialized engineering tasks, including custom design and integration of NI hardware and software.

We’ve teamed with NI to offer complementary products and services to all our customers. DHi professionals can design hardware and software systems to meet your stringent requirements using NI tools. We will sit down with your personnel to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and requirements. DHi will then design and build a robust, sustainable system that is:

  • Dedicated to withstand its relevant environment
  • Easy to operate and understand
  • Uses COTS software and hardware
  • Is sustainable
  • Provides for real-time and recorded data
  • Meets your needs and expectations

In the software arena for example, working with NI’s LabVIEWTM, DHi can create simplified, customized graphical controls for complex software that allow any user with  minimal training to learn a new computer-based system. DHi’s engineering pros can also design custom electrical systems, electronic boards and connection schemes, as well as custom embedded firmware, integrating them with existing hardware and controls.