Full Speed Ahead on New DHi North Carolina Facility

Full Speed Ahead on New DHi North Carolina Facility

Trenton, NC (August 8, 2007)— The pace of construction on DHi’s new Operations and Technology Development Center (OTDC) has really picked up this August. In a matter of weeks, a large concrete slab poured for the facility at the edge of a former cotton field has been transformed into a real building.


Following the completion of the center’s structural steel skeleton in July, construction workers have been racing ahead to enclose the 23,000 sq. ft. structure with metal and brick siding. The OTDC is being built to help support DHi’s metal fiber brush (MFB) and photoluminescent (PL) safety R&D and manufacturing efforts. It will also house offices for area personnel who will be involved with contract work supporting DoD and nearby military facilities.

Even though it’s still incomplete, the OTDC is already creating new jobs in Jones County, with three area employees being added to DHi’s rolls just last week. More hires are anticipated as the building races toward completion.

Completion? The target date is tentatively scheduled for October 1, 2007 according to company VP Rich Goldsby, who’s keeping tabs on the complex construction schedule. That date is almost a year to the day when DHi CEO Rich Martin announced the company’s commitment to build the OTDC to a large audience packed into the Jones County Civic Center.

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