USAF Awards SBIR Phase II Contract to DHi

USAF Awards SBIR Phase II Contract to DHi

Arlington, VA (February 23, 2007)—The U.S. Air Force has awarded a $400K Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract to Defense Holdings, Inc. (DHi)

to continue the company's pathbreaking R&D focused on improved de-icing technologies for propeller-driven military aircraft. This award (SBIR N03-007) marks DHi's first USAF-funded Phase II SBIR.

Titled “Improved Propeller De-Icing System,” this new effort, geared toward use in the Air Force’s C-130 aircraft, builds on earlier Phase I and II R&D contracts awarded by NAVAIR and additionally supported by USAF and the Department of Defense (DoD). These earlier contracts addressed similar challenges facing the Navy’s E2C propeller-driven aircraft.

HiPerCon, LLC, of Charlottesville, Virginia will partner with DHi in this effort, which employs the company's patented metal fiber brush (MFB) technologies—which help significantly reduce motor-generator maintenance requirements. MFB technologies were largely developed through the SBIR program, and are currently being installed on U.S. Navy submarines to help significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Testing for the C-130 aircraft will be conducted primarily at Warner Robbins Air Force Base (AFB) near Macon, Georgia.

DHi is a world-class team of dedicated engineering professionals committed to developing and deploying innovative technologies to advance the national interest and improve the lives of all Americans.