DHi and Reuland Electric Join Forces

DHi and Reuland Electric Join Forces

Arlington, VA (August 16, 2006)— DHi is pleased to announce that it has established a new contractual relationship with Reuland Electric, manufacturers of electric motors and related products. DHi will assist Reuland by strategically marketing their unique capabilities to appropriate commands in the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines.

Reuland Electric has gained a significant reputation for its ability to efficiently manufacture replacement electric motor parts that have been discontinued by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In many cases, the OEMs no longer exist or have long since discontinued their production lines for the original part. Reuland can manufacture the replacement part from the original design, if available. Alternatively, the company can redesign the part through reverse engineering.

Reuland's ability to gear up quickly for limited production runs makes them a valuable asset in the logistics support arena for both commercial and military applications. DHi will seek opportunities to introduce Reuland's capabilities to appropriate decision makers in both sectors.

Reuland also is interested in assisting the services in the design and manufacture of new and innovative electric motors and associated tooling. They have experience in water-cooled electric motors and new high speed motor concepts as well. DHi views these capabilities as additional opportunities for strategic marketing in the S&T and R&D organizations associated with the military services.

DHi has identified related federal activities and programs where Reuland's diverse experience can make a positive impact on operations. With its robust history of performing this type of work in both the commercial and military markets, DHi is mapping out plans to propose Reuland as an alternative vendor for these activities when military customers exceed their capacity to perform electric motor repair.