DHi to Exhibit Its HiPerCon Brand Metal Fiber Brushes at the 39th Annual Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston

DHi to Exhibit Its HiPerCon Brand Metal Fiber Brushes at the 39th Annual Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston


Arlington, VA (September 21, 2010) – DHi® (Defense Holdings, Inc®)  will be exhibiting in booth 115 at the 39th Annual Turbomachinery Symposium to be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX.


The Turbomachinery Symposium will be held from October 4th through 7th and will feature companies involved in the manufacture and servicing of turbomachinery and other related rotating equipment. DHi will be exhibiting its HiPerCon® brand metal fiber brush assemblies for use in shaft grounding applications, specifically a shaft grounding assembly for use on variable speed motors, and a specially designed standard assembly for use to protect large shafts from errant electrical currents that can damage bearings and other critical motor and gear components.


These assemblies are extremely cost effective, offer users significantly longer performance life over other methods currently available, as well as, being simple to install, and creating significantly lower amounts of wear debris than current products on the market. DHi is excited about the opportunity to exhibit at this year’s Turbomachinery Symposium and to expose this market to the extensive benefits of it metal fiber brush technology.


MFBs, which gain their name from the fact that they are constructed of thousands of hair-fine silver alloy fibers running on their tips, offer significant improvement over carbon brushes in both data and current transfer, offering extended brush and slip ring service life of at least twice the service life of carbon brushes, high current capacity of 250 amps/inch2, and significant decreases in service acoustic and electrical noise at sliding speeds of 66 feet/second. These brushes produce 80% less wear debris than solid brushes reducing the need for expensive maintenance and reducing the potential for short and grounds. Our silver alloy fibers offer significantly better service life and higher speeds over gold wire technology at a considerable price advantage. MFB technology was originally developed under the Small Business Independent Research (SBIR) program working with HiPerCon, LLC, the U.S. Navy and the University of Virginia. MFBs are now being backfitted to the Navy’s fleet of nuclear submarines.